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Currently no personal information is collected from users who visit this website, therefore there is no personal data processing file.

In the case of establishing a communication through email, any information that you provide by this means will not become part of any personal data processing file. The communication will be made in the strictest confidentiality. The messages will be received in a email program and will remain in the application for the time strictly necessary for the normal development of the communication initiated by you. Once terminated, all messages will be deleted completely.

Under no circumstances will you receive any kind of advertising information in your email due to this communication.


This website uses its own and third-party cookies: Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Facebook, Twitter and Famobi.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information in text format, sent by the websites to the user's browser, requesting that it be remembered in future visits. To do this, web browsers keep this information in files for a certain period of time, which is specified and also requested by the websites themselves. Cookies play a very important role, as they can make web browsing more convenient and useful. Without them it would be a much more frustrating experience.

To have a clearer idea, let's use a simple example: Suppose you visit a website that is available in several languages. You choose English and the site asks the browser to store a cookie called 'lang' (language) that contains the value 'en' (English). In this way, each time you make a new visit, your browser sends the cookie to the website with which it can identify the language you had previously chosen and automatically show the corresponding version, without you having to repeat the action over and over. On the other hand, if you or your browser does not accept the cookie, you would have to bother to choose the language again on each visit. The website would have no way of remembering your preference.

You can expand your knowledge about cookies by consulting the Wikipedia article 'HTTP cookie' (

Cookies used directly by

Always with the priority of trying to avoid unnecessary use, will be used in some games solely and exclusively to facilitate its operation and control, and / or remember information of interest to the user, not for the website. The programming of this website does not use cookies to collect user information, make any type of tracking or personal identification.

They are mainly the following:

Name Expiration Time Description
PHPSESSID While the session lasts. When the user closes the browser, it eliminates it. Stores a unique session identifier. It allows to create and manage session data in the server without using temporary cookies in the user's browser, which is safer for both parties. This cookie is essential for the correct functioning of the site. To eliminate it or not to approach it will suppose multiple failures and errors in different web pages.
cookieconsent_status 1 year It allows to remember that the message of warning and acceptance of the use of cookies has been shown so as not to disturb the user, preventing it from appearing again at each visit.
mp_cu_d Maximum 1 day It is used as a brand to count users (not repeated) who use the website for a day. Since it is not a 100% reliable method, it is only possible to obtain a rough estimate. The expiration time of the cookie depends on the time remaining for the end of the day from the moment it is created. It may or may not exist depending on whether a count is being performed for statistical purposes for a given period.
mp_cu_m Maximum 1 month Exactly the same as the previous one but for a period of 1 month.
mp_cu_y Maximum 1 year The same as the previous ones but for a period of 1 year.

Other cookies are also used, but their use is notified and explained on the corresponding web page or game where they are used.

Cookies used by applications and services controlled and managed by third parties:

Google Analytics is a service provided by the company Google Inc. Its main purpose is to count and analyze the use of the website. It is important to be able to assess the success and utility that it has, and thus improve the different aspects that affect its performance and the users' experience.

Google specifies on this web page in a very extensive way the 'Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites' (

Google Adsense is a service provider of advertising provided by the company Google Inc, which in turn uses associated advertising companies to publish advertisements. It is possible that these companies use the information they obtain from the visits you make to this and other websites to offer you advertisements about products and services that may be of interest to you. With respect to this, Google offers very complete information about its 'Privacy Policy' at the web address: In general, here you can learn about the information collected by Google, why it collects this data, its privacy controls, protection of your information, and more related issues of interest.

You can also find out how Google uses cookies in advertising at:

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In addition, the 'Follow' and 'Twitter' buttons of Twitter are also used. To find out how Twitter uses cookies and similar technologies, visit the following Twitter web address:
To consult the privacy policy of Twitter visit the web address:

Currently games marked with a blue label in the upper left, with the legend "HTML5 Games", are provided by the German company Famobi GmbH. The advertising that appears in these games is added by Famobi, and in the offer of their services they also use cookies. You can consult their privacy policy at the web address:

Browsing this website implies acceptance and consent by the user of the use of the cookies reported here. This does not prevent that in use of your freedom and right you can revoke this consent and delete cookies from your web browser.

In general, the most common web browsers are configured by default to accept cookies from all websites. But the user can modify this configuration to adapt it to their wishes or needs. These are some web page addresses where they explain how to eliminate and / or configure the use of cookies from the most used browsers:

Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer:

If your browser is not among these you should look for information on the manufacturer's support pages or in a search engine indicating the name of the browser.

This privacy policy may be modified in the future to comply with the law in force depending on the services provided or could provide this website in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult this web page periodically.

Last update: 05/06/2019