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Total score

The challenge mode is made of 20 tests divided into 4 difficulty levels, 5 per level. The aim is to pass all the tests as fast as possible.

The scoring system goes as follows:

  • Each character that you find will give you 100 points multiplied by the level of difficulty.
  • Then, time points will be added up. Each tenth of a second will be 1 point. You have 3 minutes to solve the game. The time you need to find the solution will be deducted from 1800 tenths of a second (3 minutes). Example: 10 seconds (100 tenths) are 1800 - 100 = 1700 points. So the faster you solve the game, the more points you will get.

Cookies are used to store your best score and your record time. By reminding you these details you will be able to play against yourself trying to improve such results. Therefore, you have to enable cookies in your browser. If you clear cookies, the information will be lost.

The names of the cookies used are "best_score" and "best_time" and they only store numbers with an expiry date of two years after the last update.


You have passed all tests!

Final score = points
Time = tenths of a second ( secs.)

You have beaten your best score!
You have beaten your record time!

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