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1. 425 times two, plus one. 910 minus 494, plus 425.
2. 2254 divided by twenty-three. 142 minus 115, plus fifty-nine.
3. Two squared. 21072 times three, plus six. You will get double when multiplying by this number.
4. Four minus one. Thirty times cero. Five minus two. Term that in Fibonacci series goes before 5. Two squared plus two squared.
5. Twenty-three times three. Thirty-seven plus two, plus one.
6. Angles in a square. The square root of nine. The square root of 49. In Roman numerals is V. Two squared plus three.
7. 1% of 500. 6851 plus 14490, plus 45564. Binary system base.
8. In Roman numerals is XXI. 2.1 times ten.
9. Two times two hundred. 259 minus 113, plus forty-one.

1: Four times 189 plus 187. 45,2 times ten.
2: Eight times eleven. Six times three minus four.
3: In binary representation is 101. 74891 minus 8073, minus 6182. The absorbing element for multiplication.
4: Product of any number different from zero multiplied by its inverse. Term that in Fibonacci series goes after 2. Three times five minus six. The third even number. Number that increases tenfold when it is to the right of other number.
5: 1320 divided by twenty-four, minus thirty-two. Eighteen plus sixty-one.
6: 32 divided by four. Only prime number that is even. Sides in a trapezoid. Cero times twenty-two. Term that in Fibonacci series goes before 2.
7: Angles in a square. 2560 times nine, plus fifteen. Two squared plus two squared.
8: In octal representation is 22. Two to the power four plus eleven.
9: 628000 divided by one thousand. 856 minus 788, plus 653.