Many Puzzles

Free Electronic Puzzle Games that exercise your mind ready to play online!



1: The double of seventeen plus one. The third prime number. Eighty-four minus fifty, minus eleven. 2: One tenth of 510. 8260 divided by ten, minus ninety-three. One half of 82. 3: The first positive odd integer. Four times two. The fourth positive odd integer. Three times two plus two. 4: 370 minus 148, minus three. 992 minus 946, plus 898. 5: One half of 42. One plus four. Its double is 98. 6: Fifty-six times eight, minus ninety-two. Seven times sixty, plus thirteen. 7: Integer number that goes before two. 1% of 400. In binary representation is 111. In Roman numerals is IX. 8: Sixty-one plus four, plus eleven. Ninety-one times eight. 241 minus forty-two, minus one hundred. 9: 183 minus 127, plus twelve. Its half is nine halves. 140000 divided by one thousand, minus sixty-five.


1: 51% of one hundred. Two factorial. Two to the power three plus nine. 2: Two to the power five minus one. Seventy-one times three. Forty-nine plus six, plus eleven. 3: Faces in a pentahedron. One cubed. In Roman numerals is V. Two cubed. 4: 886 minus fifty-four, minus forty-three. 574 plus seventy-three. 5: In Roman numerals is LIII. Faces in a square pyramid. In octal representation is 35. 6: 238 plus 141. 50500 divided by one hundred, minus twenty-seven. 7: Its half is one. 20% of twenty. Term that in Fibonacci series goes after 2 and before 5. Its half is three and one half. 8: Three cubed plus seven. Eighty-seven times five, plus eight. 364 minus 269. 9: Three cubed minus nine. Three times three. 0,099 times one thousand.


  • To enter numbers choose a square by clicking on it.
  • Only one number per square is allowed.
  • Once a number is entered, the cursor will jump to the next square for your convenience. If “across” definitions are selected, the next square will be the one to the right. If “down” definitions are selected, the next square will be the one below.
  • You can use the arrow keys to move inside the crossword grid.
  • You can use the CHECK button to see if the squares have the correct number. Incorrect numbers will temporarily appear in red.
  • Click on the CLEAR button to delete the numbers in all the boxes automatically.
  • Click on the NEW CROSSWORD button for play a new crossword puzzle.


  • It is better to try and do mentally the arithmetic operations in the definitions. It is true that some of them may be difficult, but just by trying you will be exercising your mind.
  • If arithmetic operations turn up to be complicated, it is better to use paper and pencil to solve them. If you use a calculator operations will be too easy, there will be no mental exercise and solving the game will be useless.
  • Searching for shortcuts or tricks for calculations is also beneficial because you will be using your memory at the same time as you employ strategies and exercise logical thinking. For example, it is easier to mentally add 1533 plus 2257 if we first do 1000 + 2000 = 3000, then 500 + 200 = 700 + the previous result = 3700, after that we do 30 + 50 = 80 + the previous result = 3780 and finally we do 7 + 3 = 10 + the previous result = 3790. You can search for more tricks or calculation techniques in Google.
  • If numbers in an operation are too long you may be able to deduce part of the result at a guess. For the rest of the digits you can use the definitions of the numbers that cross the number in question. Let’s consider, for example, 35637 minus 11894. We will immediately realise without any calculation that the first digit of the result is going to be 2 and the last is going to be 3 (2xxx3). The other three digits will be probably deduced with the definitions of the numbers that cross the number we need to find.